Chris Herman

President, Herman Advertising

At Herman Advertising, our entire team is driven by a relentless passion to stay at the forefront of the Digital Marketing revolution. We will show you how to build and maximize your overall Digital Marketing Footprint.

Your Digital Marketing Footprint is comprised of the following items; A Mobile Friendly Website, exposure in and dominance of the key Google properties (including a solid understanding of Google Analytics), Third Party Lead Sites, Reputation Management and Social Media, Database Marketing and Crossover Media.

When tied together and organized properly, your Digital Marketing Footprint will provide you with a platform to grow your overall marketing efforts. When pushed to the maximum, your Digital Marketing Footprint will ensure that you stay ahead of the competition for years to come.

  • Mobile friendly website provider
  • Dealership reputation management and Social media integration
  • Pioneer of automotive database marketing

Session Topic: Battle Tested Marketing
Description: Today's marketing strategies have changed considerably over the past couple of decades. Although people remain the same, how we incorporate the new methodologies in targeting today's customers has evolved. This presentation will deliver a step-by-step plan that shows dealers how to maximize both their digital and traditional marketing efforts in an effort to make your marketing strategies more effective and efficient.

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