Jim Menard

Senior Vice President, Dealer Sales, TrueCar

Jim Menard is the senior vice president of dealer sales. In his role, he oversees the core sales organization, which includes cultivating and managing dealer relationships across the TrueCar Certified Dealer network. He is also responsible for the company’s field operations in key sales regions across the U.S.

Collectively, Menard has spent over 20 years in the auto industry fostering partnerships with dealerships across the U.S., and has played a pivotal role in shaping the evolution of auto classified listings as it progressed from print into the digital space.

Prior to his current role, Menard was president of the U.S. affiliate of Search Optics, a global digital marketing provider specializing in the automotive industry. There he led the company’s strategy in the states, working directly with dealers to create sales opportunities.

Previously, Menard was vice president of dealer field sales at car-shopping site AutoTrader, overseeing a 850+ sales team. He has also held senior sales positions at AutoTrader Publshing, including vice president of AutoMart Magazines.

Additionally, Menard served as vice president and general manager of dealership management software provider vAuto, where he oversaw the acquisition of several related software organizations while consistently delivering top year-over-year performance.

Menard is a distinguished dealer advocate with extensive experience in customer service and a commitment to community service.

Session Topic Dominate in Today's Transparent Marketplace

Description: A Tug-of-War exists in the car buying process. Today’s car buyer wants to maintain control of the process, using information and technology to help them with each decision. On the same token, some dealers also want to maintain control in order to protect their profitability and bottom line. The best dealers find a way to not only survive, but thrive in today’s transparent marketplace.

This session will share insights and learnings from a recent study of 100 dealers that embrace transparency while enjoying the highest close rates in their respective markets. Specifically, this session will help you:

  • Understand how top performing dealers understand and address consumer’s pain points in the car buying process
  • Examine the tactics that top dealers are using to build credibility at each step of the process
  • Evaluate the impact that price transparency has on the bottom line of top performing dealers

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