Mike Udell

General Manager, Rolling Hills Auto Plaza

Mike has been a General Manager for Toyota and Lexus for 23 years. In his 37 years in the auto business, he’s received the President’s Award four times, Elite of Lexus Award twice and Board of Governor’s Award once. Leading a hand-picked team of individuals who share the company’s vision, Mike has also been approved by; Mercedes Benz, Audi, Porsche, VW, Nissan, and Ford as well as Toyota and Lexus.

Session Topic

Description: This presentation is designed to assist in guiding you to a better understanding of the structure and functions of your BDC Department by utilizing the analogy of our American Rights and Freedoms. In a time where our country is charged by economic and politic change, this presentation will drive comparisons from those Rights and Freedoms to how management should best interpret the various functions and purpose of your BDC personnel. By attending this presentation, you will learn how to implement the following:
  • Understanding the common language to support the transition from the BDC to the Showroom Team;
  • Learn how the Showroom and BDC departments can work with each other instead of independently; and
  • Understand the importance of providing Management Supports to the development and maintenance of the BDC Department
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