Internet Sales 20 Group Schedule

The Internet Sales 20 Group's curriculum is expertly designed to create a fluid, comprehensive and informative 3-day workshop. All the presenters and panelists are hand selected to ensure that only the very best, most recent and valuable content is presented to our members. The schedule is jam-packed to make sure attendees receive the maximum amount of knowledge and training possible. But don't worry - there will be down time! The workshop is designed specifically to allow for interaction and collaboration, and the intimate setting is optimal for networking.

The first TWO days focuses on a full evaluation of several dealerships as part of our "Dealer Composite." The composite uses the data from 6 Key Performance Indicators that analyze dealerships from every angle so you can learn from them and compare your own situation. The rest of the workshop will consist of presentations on varying topics such as digital marketing, social media, lead generation, marketing do's and don'ts, sales tactics and more. The panel discussions will focus on best processes, CRMs, dealer interviews and so much more. At the end of the workshop, all members will benefit from a full recap of the information learned and will be guided towards developing a customized action plan and exit strategy that prepares you for immediate implementation when you return to the dealership.

Day 1

Time Title Presenter(s) Twitter
6:30-8:00am Registration IS20G @IS20Group
7:00-8:00am BREAKFAST Vin Solutions @VinSolutions
8:00-8:20am Introduction
& Housekeeping
IS20G @IS20Group
8:20-9:05am Keynote -
It’s a Mobile World
Bob Lanham
of Facebook
9:05-9:50am Honor and
Tammie LeBleu Tribute @TammieLebleu
9:50-10:50am Money Mind Mapp Sean V. Bradley, CSP @SeanVBradley
10:50-11:00am BREAK Money Mind Mapp -
11:00-12:30pm Composite Sean V. Bradley, CSP
and Keith Shetterly
12:30-1:30pm LUNCH Bradley on Demand @BradleyOnDemand
1:30-2:15pm Everything Video Panel Panelists @IS20Group
2:15-3:00pm Will The Real BDC Manager,
Please Stand Up
Toni Anne Fardette @NYAutoGiant
3:00-3:10pm BREAK Money Mind Mapp -
3:10-3:30pm Trending Now Ryan Leslie @CarStory
3:30-4:00pm Vendor Engagement Vendors @IS20Group
4:00-4:45pm 3rd Party Leads
& The Law of
Increasing Returns
Scott Pechstien @Autobytel
4:45-5:45pm The Absolute BEST
Phone Sales Strategy
LA Williams @DubbsClub
5:45-6:15pm Full Day Recap
& Highlights
IS20G @IS20Group
6:15-7:00pm VIP Networking & All
White Party Preparation
The Marriott Tempe
at the Buttes
7:00-10:00pm DINNER,
VIP Networking &
All White Party
Autoloop @Autoloop1

Day 2

Time Title Presenter(s) Twitter
6:30-8:00am Registration IS20G @IS20Group
7:00-8:00am BREAKFAST Vin Solutions @VinSolutions
8:00-8:45am 10 Things I Would Do If
I Bought Your Dealership
Jim Ziegler @JimZiegler
8:45-9:30am Stop Buying Third Party Leads
Start Creating Your Own
First Party Leads Using
Facebook Lead Ads
Sean Seltzer @SeanSocialCOO
9:30-10:15am Creating the BEST
Customer Experience
Dan Moore @mooreofdan
10:15-10:25am BREAK Money Mind Mapp -
10:25-11:10am Less Grossman's Pro
Tips for Local SEO
Greg Gifford @GregGifford
11:10-11:55pm Understanding the
Sub-Prime Consumer
in the Digital Space
Todd Dearborn @Dearborns1
11:55-12:55pm LUNCH Bradley on Demand @BradleyOnDemand
12:55-2:15pm Roundtable Rotation Presenters @IS20Group
2:15-3:00pm The OEM Reality,
Check and How to Deal
Christian Jorn @RemoraInc
3:00-3:20pm Trending Now
Warner Jones @warnerjones
3:20-4:05pm Marketing &
Advertising Panel
Panelists @IS20Group
4:05-4:35pm BREAK/Vendor Engagement Money Mind Mapp -
4:35-4:55pm Motivational Moment Ken Potter
4:55-5:40pm Social @ Every Turn Lori Glenn and
Sean Wendt
5:40-6:25pm 12 STEPS TO SUCCESS Prioritizing
Your Marketing Efforts
Christopher Herman @HermanAdv
6:25-7:10pm Key Tactics to Compete and Win in
Today’s Transparent Marketplace
Kerri Wise @kkwise11
7:10-7:35pm Full Day Recap
& Highlights
IS20G @IS20Group
8:00-9:00pm Cocktail Hour The Marriott Tempe
at the Buttes

Day 3

Time Title Presenter(s) Twitter
6:30-8:00am Registration IS20G @IS20Group
7:00-8:00am BREAKFAST Vin Solutions @VinSolutions
8:00-8:45am Pushing Past the Status Quo: in
Your Wholesale & Retail Operations
How Efficiency Translates to Profits
Stephane Ferri @StephPFerri
8:45-9:30am Joint Session Current and Future
Potential of Video in
Car Dealerships
Tom Rocha & Rishiraj Chowdhury @Liveeventstream / @Google
9:30-10:15am Maximize Sales to
the Digital Shopper
Martha Blue @CarGurusDealers
10:15-10:25am BREAK Money Mind Mapp -
10:25-11:10pm Leveraging the Power of
Video Testimonials to Sell
More Cars: They Share, You Sell
Peter Martin @Webdoctor
11:10-11:55pm HR/Recruiting Panel Panelists @IS20Group
11:55-12:55pm LUNCH Bradley on Demand @BradleyOnDemand
12:55-1:30pm Sean V. Bradley's
Synergy Session
Sean V Bradley @SeanVBradley
1:30-2:15pm Mobile Tactics
for Car Dealers
Chris Carlton @Liquidus
2:15-3:00pm Is your Paid Search
Strategy Falling Asleep
on the Job?
Greg Geodakyan @geodakyanbiz
3:00-3:15pm BREAK Money Mind Mapp -
3:15-4:00pm Leading Edge
Best Practices
Arthur Dessein @Spincar360
4:00-4:45pm Internet Sales,
Phone Sales &
the BDC Panel
Panelists @IS20Group
4:45-5:45pm Full Day Recap,
Action Plans &
Exit Strategies
IS20G @IS20Group