Shaka Dyson

President, Dealer F&I University

Shaka Dyson is the Founder and President of Dealer F&I University, an Online F&I Virtual Training Platform for Finance Managers in Dealerships all over the United States and even in Canada and Australia. Shaka has been in the Automotive Industry for 18 Years, started selling cars in 1999 for Hubler Dodge in Indianapolis IN and in February of 2001 started in F&I for the Bob Rohrman Automotive Group. Throughout his career he has grown to hold every position from Salesman to Finance Manager, Sales Manager, F&I Director, General Sales Manager and finally Corporate Finance Trainer for a Major Automotive Group in the U.S. which had 34 dealerships across 5 states with 65 F&I Managers who reported to him. Responsible for all F&I Processes, Production, Results and Revenue, Shaka changed the way things were done in F&I and he and his team went on to set 10 records for the Automotive Group that still hold to this day.

Session Topic: Dominating Subprime and Knocking Your Competition Out
Description: With everything you do, in order to "Dominate" it you must have a Goal, Technique and Execution and yes those same principles apply to F&I if your goal is to Dominate in any area of it. Here in this session we will talk about how to "Grow Your Subprime Market Share", meaning how to increase business through all hardships and challenges, what it will take to be the one out front even with your competition going after the same business. Increasing business is the cornerstone of all business survival - those who Dominate it will thrive will others struggle. We will talk about the different ways to create raving fans in the Subprime Market. The great news about people is "they know people". There is nothing better than creating fans out of your existing subprime customers and getting the business of their family and friends therefor increasing your footprint into subprime. Have you ever heard the phrase "It's lonely at the top and crowded at the bottom"? Those who are at the top and considered to be number one in their space are unique individuals and unique companies, this is a space that you want to MASTER!! We are going to discuss exactly how to do just that, to DOMINATE means to not only be number one but to also Crush your competition - to knock them out. It takes Laser Focus on the GOAL, Implementing a Superior Technique and Phenomenal Execution = Dominating Subprime and Knock your competition out!

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