Shaka Dyson

President, Dealer F&I University

Shaka Dyson is the Founder and President of Dealer F&I University, an Online F&I Virtual Training Platform for Finance Managers in Dealerships all over the United States and even in Canada and Australia. Shaka has been in the Automotive Industry for 18 Years, started selling cars in 1999 for Hubler Dodge in Indianapolis IN and in February of 2001 started in F&I for the Bob Rohrman Automotive Group. Throughout his career he has grown to hold every position from Salesman to Finance Manager, Sales Manager, F&I Director, General Sales Manager and finally Corporate Finance Trainer for a Major Automotive Group in the U.S. which had 34 dealerships across 5 states with 65 F&I Managers who reported to him. Responsible for all F&I Processes, Production, Results and Revenue, Shaka changed the way things were done in F&I and he and his team went on to set 10 records for the Automotive Group that still hold to this day.

Session Topic: Leveraging Your F&I Department to Generate Appointments, Deals, and Revenue

“The most profitable square footage in a dealership”, “The strongest Closers in the store” are some of many adjectives used to describe the F&I Department and the Managers in them. I have another adjective to add, “Underutilized”. The F&I Department is one of the most underutilized resources when it comes to the Internet and BDC Departments. The Internet and BDC departments are full of hardworking dedicated employees whose ultimate goal every day is to drive traffic to the dealership via Internet Leads or Phone calls. They do this by setting appointments, getting those appointments confirmed to show, then once they’ve shown they sometimes assist in the sale with the sales associate. It’s time to utilize the resources and ability of F&I to help the Internet/ BDC departments in their endeavors.

My goal in my session is to teach the group how to Leverage the F&I Department and use the managers there as a resource to help generate MORE appointments, Generate MORE Car Deals and MORE Revenue opportunities. One example is through getting involved in the Internet and BDC departments earlier rather than “never”, the F&I Managers can ultimately interact with the customer sooner, answer the challenging F&I related questions, put customers at ease, give them confidence in the process and even do cash conversions over the phone if need be to obtain the customers financing in house rather than the customer just showing up with a check. Without this early interaction, no one benefits, the F&I Manager doesn’t get the opportunity to touch base with the customer or use their skill set to help in the Appointment Setting or Deal making, also the BDC Employee doesn’t get the benefit of resources, knowledge, strength or Leverage of the F&I Department to help them. It’s time to change the tide. It’s time to become more modern. In the “information driven”, ”customer service” driven dealership all departments, including the F&I and Internet and BDC, should be working together to accomplish the same goal.

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