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Facebook Ads: How Dealers can Create Them, Use them and Make them Effective


Facebook advertising is in a constant state of change. What worked in days past may not work today, but it could work again in future days ahead. The key to Facebook advertising is understanding the platform, the flow of the content, and how to take advantage of the knowledge that Facebook is virtually “pay to play” at the present and as we move into 2014.


In this presentation, JD will discuss the various ways to use Facebook ads in the correct approach. Unlike most forms of advertising, Facebook advertising where “doing it wrong” can actually do harm to your dealerships overall social media efforts. This effort is not only about being more effective, it’s also how to avoid the butchering of Facebook pages that is happening all too often in the automotive industry.


I am a Christian, a husband, and a father of 3.
I’m a writer, a social media strategist, and an executive for a firm that offers complete Internet Marketing solutions.
I like networking with people, especially about business. Also, we’re always interested in quality, unique guest posts.


KPA has been servicing automotive clients for over 25 years offering products and services in Environmental and Safety, HR Management, and most recently Internet Marketing. KPA is unique in the market due to the centered focus on customer service. A client has an advisor no matter what level of spending. KPA has a client retention rate over 90% and the KPA Internet Marketing products have received Auto Dealer Monthly’s coveted Dealer’s Choice Award 6 years in a row. In addition, KPA Internet Marketing products also won ASMA/AWA awards in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.