Todd Dearborn

Vice President, CarsDirect

Todd Dearborn is Vice President of Sales, Automotive at online media company Internet Brands, operators of CarsDirect, the flagship property of the company’s online automotive network that receives more than 35 million visits each month. Mr. Dearborn has more than 14 years of online sales experience with a unique understanding of both the retail and wholesale sides of the automotive industry and how they relate to the Internet. He possesses more than 19 years of experience in the automotive industry, most recently having worked for Adesa in the online division OpenLane. Mr. Dearborn has worked in various executive-level roles within the automotive industry, including auto rental with Enterprise, online retail sales, lead generation, the online wholesale industry, as well as advertising/media sales.

  • Understanding the Sub-Prime consumer in the digital space
  • Best Practices for an exceptional digital sales process with a Special Finance consumer
  • Traits of the Top Sub-Prime Dealers in the country
  • Lender Dynamics - Who's the best - Who's buying in each credit tier
  • Inventory that makes the most MONEY$$ & volume

Session Topic: Understanding the Subprime Consumer in the Digital Space
Description: Presenting the very best practices in working with the Subprime consumer. Special Finance is a growing portion of every dealers business and we're going to talk to you about lenders, inventory, and the best ways to maximize your potential when it comes to the digital consumer who is credit challenged.

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