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Dealer Synergy and other selected Internet Sales 20 Group® sponsors will spend over 6 weeks working on the Composite, a comprehensive analysis of 20 different dealerships from across the country and across brands. The first 20 dealerships to register for the Internet Sales 20 Group® will be included in the Composite. There are ten categories, called Key Performance Indicators, or KPI's, on which the dealerships will be monitored, graded and ranked. Each category has its own set of parameters that the dealers are to be graded on, including SEO, Social Media, Mystery Shop, Online Reputation, Response Audit and Website Scope. These are the previous award winners from Internet Sales 20 Group 6 through 9.

Previous Award Winners

Atlantic Hyundai

Tammie Lebleu Pinnacle Award
In memory of the late Tammie Lebleu, The Tammie LeBleu Pinnacle Award combines all KPIs to culminate in one strong composite strategy. Atlantic Hyundai brought together a solid SEO strategy, easy site navigation, a strong reputation, and superb customer service skills to make them the winner of this award.

Castle Chevrolet

Mystery Shop
Castle Chevrolet was awarded best Mystery Shop Calls based on good phone etiquette displayed by the coordinators, including greeting and closing and overall, exceeding the needs of the caller.

Autoflex Leasing

Autoflex leasing scored highest across the board based on the 10 evaluated KPIs. The detail and attention paid to their SEO strategy was most impressive.

Infiniti of Naperville

Infiniti of Naperville had a stellar amount of reviews from its customers throughout popular review sites, and showed consistent effort to engage with their customers who had left reviews.

Southern Motors Hyundai

Response Audit
The Response Audit award was received based on having the right content with the fastest responses about vehicle availability, test drive and more. This dealership epitomized great customer service.

Newark Toyota World

Newark Toyota World's website was the most successful out of the dealerships evaluated. They had the highest level of interaction, lowest bounce rate, and the most engaging unique content.

Grindstaff Ford

Social Media
Grindstaff Ford's social media presence made them the top choice for this award. Everything from their social media content, to the aesthetic of their social media platforms, and their customer engagement, they ranked highest in all of these categories.

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