Marketing Like Garth Brooks 101

Brian Barlow

CEO, The Pineapple Society

Everyone thinks they have the magic marketing wand but very few can waive it with flare and responsive action unless of course your Garth Brooks. In this session Brian Barlow, creator of Barlow MD, Pineapple Productions, Offside Sports Initiative, and Creative Director & Producer to some of the countries biggest special events is ready to blow you off the stage with his witty, visual and entertaining presentation, “Marketing like Garth Brooks 101”. This in your face non-powerpoint, non-boring and yet very evasive message shows you the power of being the true super-star you can be as a business owner. Barlow teaches you how to light a fire on stage(your business), empower your band (those are the employees) and create a following of fandom (those are customers) if you’re looking to sing a new song this year, Barlow’s presentation is an interactive VIP experience.


Known to only himself as “Megla”, Barlow and his trusted sidekick, Tackett, are making this country (dare we say world) a safer, aromatically pleasing place… one ad at a time. No one can truly pinpoint when this quest for marketing disruption began. Some say 2006.  Others say during the reign of Charlemagne. They would be wrong. But some have said that. Ok, one person said it.
What is known is that history is made every time these virtuosi of copy and film grace this world with a new ad for their clients.  Yet don’t dare call them video producers. Video producers belong in the 1990s along with hammer pants, Beanie Babies, and every ad you still are making today.
How should you address these titans of thumb-stoppable videos? (No, not Megla.  Please don’t give Barlow the satisfaction.) Address them for what they truly create.  For these mammoths of media are VIRAL PRODUCERS.  
Gone are the days of traditional storytelling.  Sure it may have worked 20 years ago.  But just like SNL today, it just don’t work anymore.  You need raw, emotional content that makes the audience want to respond… have to respond… need to respond.
And just like Ebola, effective viral producers are rare yet deadly.  Because where they exist, the results are contagious and near impossible to halt.
Only time will tell if every business takes the next step in their creative evolution by hiring Pineapple Productions. But as great as you make think of these colossuses of copy, they are but mere mortals.

Phone: (18) 704-1110

Address: PO Box 1734 Broken Arrow OK 74013


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