Brian Chapman

Vice President / General Manager of Homer Skelton Ford
President of SalesRater, a Social Media Selling System for automotive dealerships.

If there is one thing that I’ve learned it’s this, the car business changes.

My great passion is to keep my dealership positioned one-step ahead of the competition to capitalize on whatever opportunity the next BIG change offers.

This passion led me to consider Social Media as it relates to selling cars. I think we all can agree that there is much time and much attention devoted to Social Media by both the consumer and the sales staff not to have an effective strategy to capitalize on it.

After much observation, I built a social selling system for my dealership utilizing my sales staff. Each salesperson is a business at my dealership. That’s why I believe each salesperson needs their own personal website, mobile app, and content strategy so they can market and brand themselves as a business.

The platform makes it easy for them to prospect for new business, follow-up utilizing video messaging, ask for referrals, obtain dealership reviews, and many other useful tools to help them sell cars. It’s also 100% permission-based and dealership controlled so I do not have to worry if they leave.

Whoever said that you cannot sell cars on Social Media…has never asked anyone on my sales staff.

My newest passion is to help dealerships recognize the power in their most important asset to pick up incremental sales…their sales department.


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