How to Produce Leads Every Day Using Digital Marketing

Chris Hill

CEO & Co-Founder, Overtake Digital

During this session, you will learn exactly what lead providers should be doing to keep your sales team and BDC jam-packed with fresh leads. With digital marketing companies, it’s a lot like owning a boat; You get two really good days – the day you hire them and the day you call to cancel. The reason for this is because these are the days when someone is actually working on your account. Most of the time, your ad dollars are left to machines and software that determines where to spend your money. This is why changing digital companies doesn’t mean increased production.

Join Chris Hill (CEO of Overtake) as he explains how to hold your digital marketing vendors accountable, as well as what lead sources the #1 dealerships in the country use to stay ahead of their competition and the next-level communication methods you can use with car buyers in your area.

Primary Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the four places your inventory must be if you want to prevent a lead from going to a different dealer that’s inventory IS there.
  • Learn how to communicate (beyond emails and phone calls) with today’s shoppers.
  • Learn how to hold your digital marketers accountable – and pay them LESS, while getting MORE leads.

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