Get Your Boss to “SAY YES” to Attend the

Internet Sales 20 Group!

Does your boss wish…

  • All their employees maximized their time?
  • All their salespeople sold 30 cars a month?
  • All their BDC agents made 150 plus calls per day?
  • All salespeople were setting appointments that actually show?
  • All salespeople communicated effectively with Buyers?
  • All their employees followed the same protocol every day?
  • All their CRM data was clean?
  • They had more time to lead and train their team?
  • They could save money and increase ROI?
  • They could decrease CPC by being more efficient?
  • They could have and retain Happy Employees?
  • They could have Repeat Customers who are Raving Fans?

Then CLICK HERE for a formal request letter you can send to your boss explaining why you and all your management need to be here!