Dave Bennett

Senior Director of Sales, CarsDirect + Auto Credit Express

Dave Bennett has more than 15 years of experience in the automotive industry, ranging from on-the-floor sales experience at franchise dealerships to executive-level positions at companies that serve dealers. In his current role of Senior Director of Sales at CarsDirect, Bennett supervises the company’s team of sales representatives that help dealers sell more cars with marketing and lead-generation products from CarsDirect and Auto Credit Express. Bennett previously served in sales leadership positions at CarsDirect since joining the company in 2007, including West Coast Regional Manager of Outside Sales and Inside Sales Manager. Previously, Bennett served in a number of capacities in the franchise car dealership setting, including stints as a Finance Manager and as a sales representative.

Session Topic: How To SKYROCKET Engagement & MAXIMIZE Digital Contribution To Sales

This educational session will explore the very latest digital communication technologies available to dealers, and how to strategically choose the best tech tools to increase engagement with your prospects -- in a way that improves the sales process for both sides.

Dave Bennett, Senior Director of Sales at CarsDirect + Auto Credit Express, will set the stage by providing an overview of today’s well-researched, mobile-focused car shopper -- a shopper that is more comfortable texting with dealers vs. talking on the phone.

Dave will then walk through the essential elements of establishing a sales process that caters to these mobile-first shoppers, with a focus on choosing the best tech tools to engage with prospects. The session will have a strong focus on how to leverage live chat and texting technologies as texting rapidly supplants phone conversations in the sales process.

Attendees will leave with an understanding of the mobile-first shopper’s expectations, a firm grasp of current communication technologies available, and actionable tips for applying industry best practices to their customer communication processes.

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