Erich K. Gail

Chief Executive Officer at Cardinale Group of Companies

Erich K. Gail is a respected sr. leadership executive with over 27 years of global automotive industry experience. A recognized expert across multiple disciplines, Mr. Gail specializes in corporate leadership, proactive client solutions, strategic development and acquisition-alliance creation with a strict-focus on sustainable growth.

Current responsibilities include; management and financial leadership, client service and development strategy of the ATLAS Performance Group; serving global automotive manufacturers as well as Tier I agency partners within the Design, Market Research, Advanced Engineering, Marketing, Media Relations, Training, Certified Testing and Motorsport channels.

Previously, Mr. Gail served as a partner, board member, and sr. executive of the Hankey Group of Companies responsible for global automotive operations – during which time he led expansion and operational development across the United States, into Canada, Europe, China, Korea and Japan.

Specialties: Corporate Management, Proactive Client Solutions, Strategic Development, Merger-Acquisition-Alliance Creation with a strict-focus on Sustainable Profit-Driven Revenue Growth.

[Global automotive OEM partners within the Design, Market Research, Advanced Engineering, Marketing, Media Relations, Training, Certified Testing and Motorsport channels.]

Session Topic: Leadership & Accountability - Process & Performance Mastery

Empower, Align and Elevate your Standards, Process and Performance to achieve Operating and Net Performance Mastery - Leadership and Empowerment Process from the #1 Highest Sales Volume eDealer Group in North America.

As Dealers, we are focused on 10,000 little things done right each and every day - the operational complexity of our industry and our roles continues to evolve - hear from an industry leader of an award-winning Automotive Group who will share compelling insights and immediate-actionable-items which will provide recurring gains in unit sales, transaction gross and net profit.

Cardinale Group shares a mastery-course in ‘Leadership & Accountability.’ Audience members will learn to Enhance and Increase unit sales, operating gross and net profit results.


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