Getting the Most out of this Workshop

The ONLY path to success is through hard work, determination and perseverance. IS20G10 will test you at your core, revealing strengths and weaknesses you NEVER knew existed. This occurs because our 3-day workshop is designed with a clear structure, a BEGINNING, MIDDLE and END. You need to prepare to attend, get in the right MINDSET. Understand, this is NOT some sales pitch, class is in session! Be prepared to IMPLEMENT what you learned. Finally, you have HELP. You are not alone, IS20G is a network. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Voluptatibus voluptas, odit mollitia error doloremque architecto iusto atque! Id iusto, consequatur omnis laboriosam, qui, maiores optio dolorem, cum dolor recusandae ab! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Voluptatibus voluptas, odit mollitia error doloremque architecto iusto atque! Id iusto, co IS2G0

Getting The Most Out Of This Workshop

Be prepared for the workshop

Be Prepared

SET clear and defined goals.
Ensure you can MEASURE your own progress.
Determine what it will take to make your goal ATTAINABLE.
Avoid anything that is not RELEVANT to your goal.
Associate a TIME frame so you can hold yourself accountable.

  • Dress professionally - Business casual is fine, make sure you are comfortable.
  • Come with a list of questions you want solved
  • Ensure you are on time; leave the distractions at the door.
  • Bring your data
    • Marketing - Lead source, provider, budget allocated.
    • Performance Matrices
  • Do your Research

participant guide

Participant Guides

Our workbook are designed to accompany the workshop
not replace it. Simply put, it is the roadmap attendees use to
navigate the curriculum. This 3-day workshop compresses SO
much content at such a rate, the workbooks absence, would
leave many attendees incapable of digesting and retaining the
wealth of information presented.

  • High quality interactive workshop guides.
  • Use the workbook as your journal of critical information.
  • It is designed as a note-taking resource. Personalize it!



Take part, Engage, Join in, Get involved, Share, play a part/role in
Simply put, PARTICIPATE. The power of this conference is the
combined group knowledge.

  • Question the information presented; Vendors, Speakers and Panelists
  • Engage the content; make it personal. Add to the collective knowledge.
  • Experience levels will vary, so share your success/failures.
  • This is a NO INTIMIDATION zone.
  • Synergize like a traditional 20 Group



Every aspect of IS20G is designed to facilitate NETWORKING.

exit strategy

Exit Strategy

After setting clear goals the S.M.A.R.T. way, digesting
the array of topics, tactics and strategies, comprehending
the amount of data that was collected, analysed, measured
and compared during the composites; then presented as a
tool to establish benchmarks, the absence of an exit strategy
would make the workshop pointless! You will leave IS20G10
with not only an exit strategy but a customized SWOT analysis
for YOUR Dealership.

accountability partners

Accountability Partners

In the simplest terms, An accountability partner is a person
who coaches another person in terms of helping the other person
keep a commitment. Apart from that, your accountability partner is
contractually bound to you. This design aids the attendee in continuing
to benefit from the momentum generated from the workshop. The less
obvious benefit is the support, encouragement and coaching from your
accountability partner as you implement your individual exit strategies.