Panel 2: Branding, Marketing, and Leads

Helmi Felfel

Owner, Planet Mitsubishi


Helmi Felfel was an unemployed, 23-year-old college student at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte when he found his calling. He was with a friend who was looking to buy a new vehicle from Town and Country Ford when he suddenly jumped in and helped negotiate the deal. Felfel’s enthusiasm and raw expertise caught the attention of a sales manager.

Not long after, Felfel applied for an opening at the dealership and got the job. Felfel received three days of training and a fountain pen. His boss pointed out to the lot filled with new cars and said, “Make us proud.”

Now, 26 years later, Helmi Felfel has held has held almost every job possible at a car dealership and he co-owns one of the Top 10 most successful Mitsubishi dealerships in the nation, Planet Mitsubishi. He’s a hands-on owner, a blur of movement across the dealership floor, meeting potential new customers and chatting with long-time loyalists. His stamp of approval permeates Planet Mitsubishi. He grooms his team to exemplify the virtues that reside in his heart: Family, Accountability, Trust.

Felfel knows what a lot of car people sometimes forget: a vehicle is more than 4,000-plus pounds of metal. It is a life-changing acquisition. And he and his team treat each customer with this knowledge and with respect.

Phone: (704) 634-2231

Address: 110 Northchase Drive, Charlotte, NC 28213


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