Jeremy Anspach

Chairman & Founder of PureCars

Jeremy, a Detroit native, and renowned industry speaker has a deep understanding of the automotive industry and how the digital age has shifted consumer behavior. Armed with the industry's most extensive data library, Jeremy founded PureCars in 2007. His drive and passion has led PureCars to become one of only 7 automotive Google Premier SMB Partners. Jeremy is a true visionary and has been referred to by industry leaders as the smartest mind in digital marketing in the automotive business.

Session Topic: Your Digital Advertising and Reporting is Massively Flawed
Description: Online consumer research and shopping behavior in the auto industry is well understood. However, a significant blind spot exists regarding the path to purchase as consumers transition from online to in-person shopping. In this presentation, Jeremy Anspach will provide step by step guidance with building effective targeting and attribution models, as well as how to build effective marketing campaigns that connect with sales data. Following Anspach's presentation, you will understand how to integrate and enhance customer data and engage the right prospects and customers for more effective, customer-centric marketing. You will also be able to uncover ways to detect vendor reporting flaws, have confidence in knowing what’s working and maximize ROI in advertising.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dealers will learn what is needed to standardize customer data: Eliminate tracking blind spots, combine multiple data sources, avoid duplicate data points, differing technology, as well as tainted, questionable and/or manipulated data.
  • Deals will understand the value of escape the marketing channel practice: The path to purchase isn’t linear. Your customers don’t think in terms of channels, so why should you? Think beyond the click, know your customer.
  • Dealers will learn what this means for the future of automotive marketing: Predictive (vs. reactive) marketing and the ability to capitalize on the customer lifecycle and sales cycle, with hyper-targeted, highly personalized experiences, to drive the highest ROI/ROAS.


Phone number:


1447 Peachtree St NE, #900
Atlanta, GA 30309

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