Jonathan Dawson

Automotive Sales Trainer, Consultant, Coach, and Author, Sellchology

Jonathan is a man on a mission to save the world, one salesperson at a time. For more than 20 years he’s been using and teaching the psychology of selling. First, in the door-to-door sales industry and then in the automotive industry. For the last 15 years he’s been serving automotive professionals and dealerships by performing on-site, in-house customized training programs and regional seminars and events. He’s a top-rated international speaker, best-selling author, trainer, coach and consultant – and he still loves to actually sell cars!

You may know Jonathan from his social media presence, speaking engagements at industry conventions and conferences or from his interviews and articles. He is committed to helping dealerships create Raving Fan Advocates by “out-experiencing” their competition. Jonathan is know for providing his audiences with infotrainment, so that you walk way with powerful information, training that transforms behavior and you are entertained the whole time!

Session Topic: The Reverse Appointment – The science & psychology of customer-directed appointments!

When asked, “What’s the goal of a great phone call or a strong elead handling process?”, most would agree that the goal is to SET AN APPOINTMENT…

And many of you would recognize that there is an even greater goal we could strive for, and that is to set an appointment THAT SHOWS…

There is, however, a goal that goes even beyond setting appointments that show and that is the goal of what I call the “Reverse Appointment”. The reverse appointment is the highest quality of appointments. It is the most kept, and most punctual too. The Reverse Appointment is the appointment set by the customer! You see the ultimate goal of a great call or elead handling process is not just to agree on a time, place and product for them to see, but it is to cause them to WANT to come meet you.

In my session I will share the science and psychology of a Reverse Appointment. You’ll learn the 4 psychological principles are that cause a potential client to set an appointment with you!

Key Takeaways:
  • Incorporate 5 simple steps into every lead response to gain immediate momentum
  • Discover these 4 psychological principles (you are probably only using 1 or 2) to create urgency & desire for your appointments
  • 3 RULES to go from leaving impressions to making an IMPACT and generating a faster response


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LITE Consulting, Inc.


Jonathan is on a mission to save the world, one salesperson at a time. He is known for his conversational teaching style and common-sense approach. He keeps his information fresh because he is in dealerships every month and he still sells cars.

Having been in thousands of dealerships travelling for over 15 years across the country, his goal is to help dealerships learn how to “out-experience” their competition by creating a truly unique culture. His passion is to empower automotive retail professionals with Sellchology - "Selling through psychology".

Jonathan combines customer focused selling, community driven marketing, and people focused leadership in all that he does. By helping the salespeople and management understand the "why" behind techniques they have a greater sense of confidence and are more empowered to be creative problem solvers.

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