How To Connect With and Prioritize Prospects Faster In a Tightening Market

Ken Towne

Vice President of Sales, CarsDirect  + Auto Credit Express

In a tightening automotive market, it’s more important than ever to connect with, engage with, and prioritize prospects as quickly as possible. And with less resources available to devote to marketing, maximizing the efficiency of your lead-generation technology—and establishing in-store processes that make the most of such technology—can mean the difference between ending each month in the black or in the red.
Ken Towne, Vice President of Sales at CarsDirect + Auto Credit Express, will provide an overview of current technological innovations that maximize the efficiency of online lead-generation, including functionality like online appointment-setting and using text messaging to both talk to prospects and manage lead distribution among your sales team. Ken will also share strategies for using your online lead-generation programs to prioritize prospects by establishing clear goals for appointment-setting across your store: from setting goals for automated online appointments to goals for your BDC’s appointment-setting rate.
Attendees will leave with an understanding of how to strategically deploy lead-generation technology to maximize efficiency in times of scarce resources, and how to establish in-store processes around appointment-setting to maximize engagement with consumers and prioritize your prospects.


Ken Towne is Vice President, Sales for CarsDirect + Auto Credit Express and is a member of Auto Credit Express’ Detroit-based senior leadership team. Ken is responsible for directing the company’s industry-leading sales force and has been instrumental in its growth and restructuring after Auto Credit Express joined forces with CarsDirect in 2016.

Phone: (248) 370-6662

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