Paul Cummings

CEO/Owner, Paul Cummings Worldwide

Paul Cummings is a passionate, intense, and driven educator that has trained over 1.5 million people with unparrelled avidity and determination. With 34+ years of Automotive experience, he has gained innovative strategies in sales, leadership development, and customer service. Paul Cummings is a thirteen-time winner of the Telly Award, conducted over 5,000 live events in 4 continents, and recorded over 12,000 eLearning videos that his team serves on their own eLearning platform known as Woople.

Paul Cummings and his team has even opened an international company in Australia known as Free to Bounce, which offers a vibrant and unique approach to business education and personal development and will ultimately benefit you todefine your business goals, develop training initiatives, and implement success strategies that work that servers over 100% of the automotive industry.

Session Topic: It All Matters
Description: Based on Paul Cummings' upcoming book coming out in September, this 45 minute keynote presentation will bring the following to the table: the importance of confidence, clarity, certainty, and creativity as it relates to the building and development blocks of growing a business. He will provide his own spin; known as "The Paul Style", on the subject matter as he cranks up the excitement levels to 10. This is a 'Don't Miss' presentation. Paul Cummings will discuss key strategies that will assist you in not only generating additional business within the coming year, but ultimately making a difference in your life. This engaging presentation will be filled with intensity, high energy stories but life changing strategies that are not theory based. The main objective of this presentation comes in two perspective:

1. To speak to the audience with a perspective of a business leader and business owner.
2. To speak to the audience with a human perspective who has one mission to leave it better than he found it.

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