New Technologies in Automotive, Do You Need Them or Not?

Sam Vukas

Director of Products and Innovations, Dealer eProcess

Digital Retailing. AI Chat Bots. Machine Learning Algorithms. All of this sounds like it comes straight out of The Matrix, but in fact these tools are very real. Automotive tech is moving extremely fast these days, and understanding it all can be overwhelming, but if you don’t utilize these incredible new tools then you’re going to miss out on sales. This session will discuss all of the emerging technologies in automotive and will tell you how to decide which of these tools you really need to help you crush it in 2019!


Sam Vukas is the Director of Products and Innovations for Dealer eProcess. He has been in the automotive industry for 10 years; 6 years at the dealer level and 4 years on the vendor side. His main focus is User Experience and helping to create tools that bridge the gap from leads to sales. Sam has worked directly with large dealer groups on custom solutions for their business and is involved in everything from enhancing the website designs to creating and driving forward digital retailing.

Phone:(877) 551-2555

Address: 701 Warrenville Rd. Suite 300, Lisle, IL 60532


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