What are the Composites?

IS20G® is the ONLY workshop in the entire Automotive Industry that evaluates its attendees BEFORE they ever get to the workshop. Coordinators evaluate the first 20 registered dealerships in the following KPI categories; Websites, SEO, Social Media, Online Reputation, Text Integration, Mystery Shopping, Lead Response Audit, Chat, and a Video Production assessment. This DEEP dealership dive is UNIQUE to The Internet Sales 20 Group®.

Co-Moderated by Dealer Synergy and Testimonial Builder


We only select a limited number of attendees to be a part of the Internet Sales 20 Group® composite. If your dealership signs up today, you will receive over $3,000 worth of value, and be a part of this year’s composite in Nashville, TN. Dealerships will be analyzed, graded, ranked and awarded based on these KPIs.

These categories include:

Mystery Shop

Phone, Email, & Social Media
Dealerships will receive two monitored calls and be graded in the following areas: initial experience, greeting, and phone etiquette. Having a basic phone process and a script makes it easy to guarantee you hit all the key points and end the conversation with an appointment.

Lead Response Audit

Time, Consistency & Qualification
This category is graded based on the dealership’s ability to provide confirmation of vehicle availability, offer test drives, and their overall professionalism while providing details about vehicle inventory.

Online Reputation

Reviews, Ratings & Customer Engagement
Dealerships will be graded on their ratings on Internet review sites such as Google Reviews, Yahoo Local, Yelp!, Dealer Rater, Edmunds, Cars.com, and more. The dealership is assessed based on the number of reviews, the ratings and their engagement with reviewers.


Usability, Page Speeds & SEO
When assessing websites, the most important thing is the ease of use for the customer. We look for an easy search button for inventory, explanatory videos, and more. Other aspects include a clear call to action, contact information, and a site that is up-to-date and relevant.

Social Media

Composite Curation & Analytics
With social media being crucial for exposure, this category examines total fans, followers, and subscriptions on the most popular social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


Text Based Mystery Shopping
Dealerships will be graded on their text integration on their website. This assessment will grade dealerships on their integration, utilization and response time with text messaging.


Findability, Locality & Trustworthiness
SEO assesses the dealership’s main website for accessibility on mobile devices and desktops. Links are checked to ensure that they work properly and include proper alt tags, headers and more. The overall test of the SEO category is to see how well sites rank on search engines based on content and the utilization of keywords.


Our chat KPI will be assessed and graded by activeEngage. We will discuss the importance of possessing an effective chat service and how your dealership will benefit from the utilization of chat by providing convenience for your customers, how chat can cut down on expenses, while increasing sales, how it differentiates you from the competition and how chat can be utilized as a source of revealing customer pain points and how you can turn these pain points into real opportunities for your organization.

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About Internet Sales 20 Group®

The Internet Sales 20 Group® is the preeminent workshop in the automotive industry, and is designed to be highly interactive. It was created to bring together Dealers, General Managers, Internet Directors, trainers, consultants, and subject matter experts for 3 days of intense training, education and motivation. Attendees will have an open forum to share information, learn from each other, share ideas and hold each other accountable.

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