Work Hard. Play Hard!

At IS20G, we believe in hard work to get results. We also believe in having a great time while doing it.

Each year, we throw a Rock Star VIP Networking Event that will leave you wanting more. You can expect the VIP Networking Event for IS20G13 to be EPIC!

All attendees must RSVP for this night to remember. You don’t want to miss out!

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Automotive Internet Sales 20 Group Workshop Event

The Internet Sales 20 Group® brings you ONLY the most elite subject matter experts from all aspects of the automotive industry.

Industry experts, trainers, and vendors will come together to teach you, guide you and motivate you to improve your dealership. They will be talking about email marketing, CRM processes, phone sales and phone training, social media and SO much more!

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Automotive Internet Sales 20 Group Workshop Event

A true highlight of each IS20G is the panels.

We have designed custom panels hand-selecting members with specialized expertise in each area of focus.

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Round Tables

These 3 tips are critical to maximize the Expert Roundtable Rotation:
  1. Identify the location of the table(s) of interest.
  2. Identify the speaker(s) associated with the topic of interest.
  3. Prioritize destinations based on the importance and relevance to YOUR business model and ROI.
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