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Attention Dealers, General Managers, Internet Directors, BDC Directors and Automotive Sales Professionals! Is your dealership having problems with its Online Reputation? Is your dealership having issues with creating effective content for social media? Is your dealership not making enough appointments and phone calls? Well, say no more! We will identify all of your problems that will help you sell more cars, more often and more profitably if you join the Internet Sales 20 Group®, The most powerful 3-day conference for training, information & inspiration in the entire automotive industry.

Do you have these problems?

1 Products
View Problems with your Products
  • Are you struggling to find out what products you need?
  • Are you confused with what technology you need?
  • Are you confused which vendors’ the best?
  • Do your vendors representatives not call or help you?
  • CRM
    • Is your CRM not set up the right way and / or Broken?
    • Is your email template old or broken?
    • Do you not have the right action plans?
    • Do you not have the right reports set up?
  • Call Monitoring
    • Do you have the right CM solution?
    • Do you not know why you need a CM solution?
    • Do you have a CM solution but its not set up the right way?
  • Inventory Pricing & Management
    • Are you ranking poorly based on your SEO?
    • Does your website not look good?
2 People
View Problems with your People
  • Do you have unqualified people at your dealership?
  • Are you struggling with schedules & pay plans?
  • Are you struggling with recruiting highly qualified people?
  • Do you struggle with motivating your people?
  • Do you struggle with training your people?
  • Are you struggle with keeping good people?
  • Are you struggling with employee satisfaction?
3 Process
View Problems with your Process
  • Do you struggle with the following Outbound / Inbound processes?
    • Phone calls?
    • Emails?
    • Videos?
    • Social Media?
    • Texting?
    • Chatting?
  • Are you having trouble qualifying prospects?
  • Do you have problems overcoming objections?
  • Do you have a problem with deadening deals too soon?
  • Do you have a follow up process problem?
  • Do you have a CRM process problem?
4 Promotions
View Problems with your Promotions
  • Are you struggling with your advertising conventionally?
  • Are you struggling with your digital advertising?
  • Are you struggling with your Online reputation?
  • Are you having problems with Social Media?
  • Are you having problems with:
    • Websites?
    • SEO?
    • pay per click?
    • Mobile Marketing?
    • Behavioral Marketing?
    • Displays
    • Generate High Quality Leads
    • Training / Management?
    • Organization / Time Management?
    • Service, BDC, Communication?

Do you have these problems?

Human Resources

Hiring Staff

Human resources play an important part of developing and making a company or organization at the beginning or making a success at the end, due to the labour provided by employees. Human resources is intended to show how to have better employment relations in the workforce. Also, to bring out the best work ethic of the employees and therefore making a move to a better working environment. Retention, attrition, and your cost per hire are all important statitics your Human Resources department must track and further develop for the upmost success.

Online Reputation

Keeping a Good Name

The rise of the internet has given birth to a lot of good things ... and a lot of things that are not so good. Now your good name can end up in the hands of people you can’t identify—and who are in places you may not be able to point to on a map. Your Online Reputation is vital to your success and how people on the Internet preceive you. One bad review can haunt your business and eventually start to take an effect on your business and revenue.


Reaching Your Customer

Marketing, whether conventional or digital plays a huge role in bringing in new business to your dealership. There are different methods to marketing but they all are trying to acheive the same goal; to reach and sell value to your customers and potential clients. If your company does not have a strong marketing strategy to further expand your reach and connect with your customers, you will never maximize your full potential as a dealership.

#IS20G12 will identify all of your problems and issues!

You are guaranteed to leave this 3-Day Training Workshop with an action plan on fixing at least one problem with your dealership.

Selling More Cars

Selling more cars is an ultimate goal that will help your dealership reach new heights. When your dealership sells more cars, your salespeople as well as the dealership are able to bring in more money. There is only one reason to sell more cars, and that is to make more money, more often. If your dealership is not reaching the quota you want, you will learn techniques on the Internet and in the showroom to close more deals and increase your profit.

Understanding Your Gross Profit

Some dealerships struggle with understanding their gross profit. In order to grow and maintain a multimillion dollar rooftop, you must know the projected profit and revenue you bring in through sales. Your ACPC (Average Compensation Per Car) is a strong benchmark to understanding your gross profit and how to maximize revenue.

Your Employees Are Not Using Your CRM

There is nothing worse than spending money monthly for a tool that will help organize and maintain all of your customers and sales, and none of your employees use it. This is the case with many dealership CRMs, and can be a serious problem if it is not organized or being utilized. You will learn ways to incentivize your employees and make sure they are using a product your dealership has invested in.

Unique Content for Social Media

Creating unique content for Social Media is key to reaching your customers and generating engagment on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. If you have problems creating custom content for your dealership, you will hear from some of the top marketing companies and their strategy for Social Media content and how to reach new prospects in your local area using geotargeting and many other tools.

Making Enough Appointments

The average customer only visits 1.2 dealerships before purchasing a vehicle. This means it is important to sell appointments because odds are that a consumer will purchase a vehicle at the first dealership they make an appointment at. You will learn processes to sell more appointments in the phone and Internet departments to allow for more customers to come into your store and purchase a vehicle.

Lead Source Providers

A lot of dealerships struggle with separating organic leads from 3rd party lead source providers. Your dealership may have a tough time when working with these providers which could lead to dead leads. You will have a chance to network with these providers and ask them any questions you may have regarding your dealership's 3rd party leads.

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