What You Will Learn

Every Internet Sales 20 Group® has its own unique theme and purpose. #IS20G12‘s theme is “Your Dealership is Your Stage.” Over 25 of the absolute best subject matter experts in the industry have been assembled to arm you with the most important information on all cutting edge technology, strategies, and resources to create a game plan for a powerful closeout of 2019. Speakers Include vendors, suppliers and some of the very best dealer practitioners. Hear from Dealer Principals, General Managers, and Internet / BDC Directors from some of the most successful Dealer Groups in the country.

Internet Sales & Business Development (BDC)

You will learn Dealer Synergy's philosophy and strategy for building Internet Sales and Business Development Departments; what works and why. You will be able to go back to your dealership with a solid strategy of how to either build a new department from scratch or how to improve or evolve your existing one.


You are going to learn how truly powerful video is for your dealership, specifically “why”, what types of video do you need to create, how you are going to create it and when you have this video content where and how do you use it to help you sell cars and give you a serious competitive edge over your competition.

Video SEO

You will learn that Google prefers video content over ANY and ALL other content. Learn how with a Video SEO strategy you can not only can you dominate your market for your brand but you can actually monopolize your market for competing brands that you don’t even own.

Time Management / Organization

There are only 86,400 seconds in a day and once they are gone, they are gone forever. You will learn the best time management strategies from the FranklinCovey proven system of the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. You will also learn how to put first things first and as well as how to identify "distractions disguised as opportunities."

Online Reputation Management

You will learn from the industry leaders at Testimonial Builder all about the importance of Online Reputation and the importance of creating a strategy for your dealership to increase favorable online review scores. You will learn how to get your sales consultants and service writers solicit the most effective online reviews for your dealership.


Dealers are going to learn that texting has the HIGHEST connection rate compared to ANY other form of communication; direct mail, email, phone and even social media. More importantly, learn and master the texting laws and rules of engagement. Dealers will learn how to implement, deploy and maximize text driven engagements while protecting themselves and remaining compliant. More importantly, you will learn how to increase your lead connections AND conversions by creating and utilizing a powerful texting strategy.

Pay Per Click

Dealers are going to gain an opportunity to learn the nuances associated with Pay Per Click (PPC). You will be provided with the overview, importance and strategies associated with a strong PPC campaign for your Dealership. Learn the tools as well as how to create one and avoid shady vendors that peddle vapor ware to your store. You will also learn what to monitor and what tools to monitor it with.


Dealers will be reminded that their CRM is by far the most important tool as well as one of the most degraded. You will learn how to set up your CRM with the most important action plans, statuses and details.

3rd Party Leads / Lead Generation

You will learn why 3rd party lead source providers are so important today more than ever and why they are a better choice over online classifieds. You will learn what the differences are and why you should care. You will learn which 3rd party providers are the best and have your dealership’s best interest in mind. You will learn how to set up your lead source provider territory and the strategy behind it.


The IS20G has the BEST website provider companies in the entire Automotive Sales industry showing you “What specifically makes up the MOST powerful website”. You will learn about the most important elements; such as page load speed, bounce rates and visits to leads conversions. You WILL learn how to get the MOST out of your website. Finally, you will learn how SEO plays a critical role in your websites success.

Social Media

Dealers will learn that Social Media is the #1 form of communication and which platforms they need to utilize at their dealership to be successful. Dealers will also learn the power of Facebook paid ads and how they will have a much higher ROI compared to Google PPC. Dealers will get to see examples of awesome Facebook Paid Ad campaign and be able to go back to their dealerships with ideas / campaigns on which they can and should create for their dealerships.

Special Finance

With a vast majority of customers being considered “sub-prime” customers, it is imperative that your dealership have a strong and tactical strategy to handle these less than perfect credit customers. Most times, dealerships take the wrong approach when it comes to engaging with this type of customer. Instead of focusing on the actual car features and benefits, they should be focusing on the real need...getting approved. This credit challenged customer needs to feel that the dealership is truly understanding their situation and most importantly, their desire to be treated with respect is prioritized first.

Training Tools & Strategies for Your Team

Dealers will learn that there has been so much evolution to training and education for their Sales, Internet, BDC and Management teams. There are now powerful virtual (video) on demand, training, tracking, testing and certification software available that will ensure that their people do NOT practice on REAL customers!

Phone Sales and Phone Skills

Dealers will learn that the phones are the MOST powerful resource in the Internet Department or BDC. Studies show 9 out of 10 prospects prefer to talk on the phone versus other communication methods. You will learn the “Rules of Engagement"; why email sells the phone call, how the phone call sells the appointment and finally why the appointment sells the relationship, product presentation and demo drive. You will learn from the Best Phone Trainer in the entire Automotive Sales industry and from his protégé, LA Williams, who happens to be completely BLIND and flies all over the United States training dealerships on how to be successful on the phones. Who better to learn how to master the phones than from the Blind Master himself?

Dealer Principals & GMs

Workshop attendees are comprised of ACTUAL Dealer Principals, GMs, and top Dealership Executives. Dealers and GMs will have the opportunity to learn DIRECTLY from other active Dealers and GMs!

Internet Sales Managers / BDC Directors

There will be active ISMs and BDC Directors in attendance speaking on the tips and strategies to effectively build, lead and evolve high functioning Internet Dealerships. They will be conducting sessions AND participating on specific panels providing you the opportunity to interact directly and address your specific dealership needs. Don’t miss this opportunity to network with other automotive professionals performing the same exact job and synergizing with them.

Showroom Sales

How do you truly INCREASE units sold? You are going to learn the secrets on how one Automotive Sales Professional consistently sells upwards to 40 even 50+ units on the showroom floor! You will have the opportunity to learn from a former showroom sales consultant who generated over 1 Million dollars for herself in 3 years, selling Nissans on the showroom sales floor in Louisiana!

Used Cars ONLINE

Focusing on used car sales can become a highly productive profit center. It is important to focus on the right stock at the right price. Ultimately, success requires strong management, a commitment to the used car market and a compensation package that rewards the sales team for increasing used car sales. You are going to learn all of the ways you can increase used car sales online! Remember that used cars are inventory based opportunities.

HR / Recruiting

Profiles, Job Desciptions, Expectations, Screening and Hiring
Having the right people on your team is ESSENTIAL for any sustained growth. You will not only learn how to recruit the right talent, but how to diagnose deficiencies in your Dealership and how to identify and attract the RIGHT people with the necessary skills to fill those roles.

Conventional vs. Digital Marketing

We will clearly define the many facets of traditional marketing; business cards, print ads, posters, commercials on TV and radio, billboards, brochures or even referrals or networks. Additionally we will thoroughly examine the ever evolving components of digital marketing; websites, social media mentions, YouTube videos, and banner ads. All these outlets serve up content for online searches to deliver. The more visible your content, the greater the opportunity for brand recognition and eventually a relationship through this online presence.

Value Package Proposition

The KEY to a Rock Solid VPP is to differentiate yourself! You will learn how to truly set yourself apart from the competition. Remember that PRICE is ONLY relevant with the absence of Value. You are going to learn the absolute most powerful VPP for your dealership and by implementing this you will create an unfair competitive advantage.

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The Internet Sales 20 Group® is the preeminent workshop in the automotive industry, and is designed to be highly interactive. It was created to bring together Dealers, General Managers, Internet Directors, trainers, consultants, and subject matter experts for 3 days of intense training, education and motivation. Attendees will have an open forum to share information, learn from each other, share ideas and hold each other accountable.

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