Is This Really a 20 Group?

The Internet Sales 20 Group® is the most interactive workshop in the automotive industry, designed to bring Dealers, GM’s, Internet Directors, and subject matter experts together for 3 days of intense training, education and motivation. We empower dealers and managers with best practices, new ideas and financial information to improve performance and profitability.

This is NOT a “Traditional” 20 Group, It’s a 3-Day Automotive Sales Training Conference.

It’s not just 20 Dealers, it’s 200-300 Dealers that Represent 800-900 Rooftops.

This 3-Day Workshop is specifically designed for Automotive Sales professionals to experience the latest, most advanced techniques, strategies, and best practices. It’s also the place to see cutting edge vendor services and software. Expect to find GM’s, Dealer Principals, Internet Directors in attendance. If YOU are an Automotive professional, you will definitely find the experience invigorating, empowering and an extremely fresh outlook on the future of Automotive Internet Sales.