Internet Sales 20 Group Speakers

Our Keynote Speakers

Brad Lea

CEO & Founder, 

Coach Burt

CEO & Founder,

The Absolute Best National Trainers in the Automotive Industry

Sean V. Bradley, CSP

Founder and President, Dealer Synergy

Karen Bradley

CEO, Dealer Synergy

L.A. Williams

Vice President of Training, Dealer Synergy

Toni Anne Fardette

President & CEO, Billion Dollar Girl

Cory Mosley, CSP

Founder & Principal, Mosley Automotive

Joe Webb

President, DealerKnows

Our Dealer Principals/General Manager Speakers

Danny Zaslavsky

Dealer & General Manager, Country Hill Motors

Louie Herron

Owner & General Manager, Louie Herron Automotive

Erich Gail

CEO, Cardinale Group of Companies

Brian Chapman

Vice President & General Manager, Homer Skelton Ford

Subject Matter Experts/Speakers

Beth Bartlett

Regional Sales Director, AutoWeb

Charlie Bass

Vice President of Sales, PureCars

Ken Towne

Vice President of Sales, CarsDirect + Auto Credit Express

Tim Cox

Co-Founder, CarNow

Matt Cragin

Director of Marketing, Fair

Mike Cavanaugh

Executive Vice President, MAXDigital

Dustin Baumis

Senior Account Executive, CoVideo

John A. Ruble

Vice President of Sales, Conversica

Dave Spannhake

Founder & CEO, Reunion Marketing

Chad Graves

Vice President of Sales, Reunion Marketing

Matt Weinberg

Senior Vice President of Consumer Experience, Drive Motors

Gino Cipperoni

Chief Sales Officer, Dealer eProcess

Sam Vukas

Director of Products and Innovations, Dealer eProcess

Kerri Wise

Vice President of Dealer Training and Industry, TrueCar

Cameron Moore

Retention Manager, Homer Skelton Ford

Bob Harwood

Vice President of Sales, InterActive

Bruce Polkes

Co-Founder & CEO, Intellacar

Brian Barlow

CEO, The Pineapple Society

Tycen PoVey

Account Executive, Weave

Featuring Special Guest:

*Speaker Lineup is Subject to Change at Any Time