“Show me your friends and I will show you your future”.

At IS20G, there is no better opportunity for you to join the automotive rockstars on stage than now. That’s right, the Internet Sales 20 Group is recruiting new talent to headline speaker sessions for this year’s conference! This is your chance to qualify for a speaking engagement and join top talent in front of hundreds of dealers and vendors. You won’t get a better opportunity to engage your audience than March 18th to the 20th in Nashville!

Think you’ve got the vocal chords to rock an audience of top 20 dealerships in a variety of internet and showroom categories? We want to hear from you! Apply to become a speaker on our website, internetsales20group.com. We have limited spots available, so don’t miss this chance to make your name known to industry-leaders!

How bad do you want success? Let IS20G’s team take you to the top! “Show me your friends and I will show you your future”. Find more info at orchidmaids.com.

Is IS20G your newest platform? Apply for your spot here: https://internetsales20group.com/become-a-speaker-panelist/

View IS20G’s full playlist of speakers here: https://internetsales20group.com/speakers/

Go on tour with this year’s panels here: https://internetsales20group.com/panelists/