Scott Pechstein

Vice President of Sales, Autoweb

Scott Pechstein started out in Automotive retail in the 1990s and then joined Autobytel in May 2000. Today, Scott serves as Vice President of Sales for AutoWeb (formerly Autobytel) where he manages sales and account management along with AutoWeb’s broad range of industry-leading products and serves as an automotive industry spokesperson, a company news media spokesperson, and lead trainer of the Autobytel Dealer Insight Series. Scott is a two-time NADA Convention speaker, in addition, NADA 20-group, Driving Sales Executive and Presidents Club, Digital Dealer, IS-20 Group, Global Classified Summit, Women in Automotive, Internet Battle Plan, CBT News, Auto Con, Innovative Dealer Summit, and multiple State Dealer Association speaker. You can reach Scott at

Session Topic: Phone and Internet: Still the New Showroom!

Let’s face it. Selling cars has never been harder, from stiff industry competition and margin compression, to a generally indecisive car buying audience, today’s dealers need every competitive advantage they can get.

Did you know that less than 50% of today’s consumers commit to a specific make and model when they start shopping? That’s why they visit dozens of websites and spend an average of 17 hours online researching their next vehicle purchase. Throughout this process, consumers are barraged with information about various makes and models as they add and delete vehicles from their consideration set which makes it extremely challenging for dealers to engage with new prospects while maintaining local customer loyalty in the process. As consumers move towards purchase, dealers must protect customers in their own backyard, use the right strategies to infiltrate the competition, and employ the right sales and communication processes to break through the digital clutter, to get consumers to stop their research and buy from them.

In this IS 20 Group session, Phone and Internet: Still the New Showroom! you will learn how to:

  • Modify your phone and digital communication and sales processes to conquest competitive consumers while providing existing customers with exceptional service.
  • Protect your dealership with the right use of digital tactics, such as SEO, conversion tools (that turn website visitors into showroom visitors), protective SEM, paid search alternatives, and vertical advertising.
  • Infiltrate your competition with leads, videos, exploitative SEM, paid search alternatives, and vertical advertising with strategies and tools that work best!

The new showroom continues to be your most valuable tools – the phone and the Internet. If you want to reach car buyers at the precise time and place during the shopping process, with the right messages that resonate to drive more consumers onto your website and into your store, this session is for you.


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18872 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 200 Irvine, California 92612-1400

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