The Internet Sales 20 Group is the most preeminent, powerful, unique & highly interactive workshop in the automotive industry. It is designed to bring together “the best of the best” speaking professionals and provides 3 days of intense training, education and motivation. With IS20G’s help, dealers will do more, be more and achieve more.

The Internet Sales 20 Group has been so effective in it’s design that it has literally changed the expectations dealers have while attending workshops. We have an instructional design with one clear curriculum having a strong beginning, middle and end helping all members evaluate, strategize and execute what’s learned when they return back to their stores concluding the workshop with an exit strategy. Our emphasis is on Internet Sales which is one of the most powerful and important area’s of the Automotive Industry, but presentations will also focus on showroom sales, best practices, leadership, objections & rebuttals, processes and more. Each session is geared towards showing members what to do, when to do it and why to do it. The Internet Sales 20 Group has been elevated to a status that is clearly unlike any other event in the industry.

Simply put, The Internet Sales 20 Group exists to make it’s members successful!


IS20G is the only workshop with elite speakers and trainers, bench mark composites, dealer-to-dealer interaction, individual action plans and a unique curriculum.

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The Internet Sales 20 Group’s curriculum is expertly designed to create a fluid, comprehensive and informative 3­day session. All the presenters and panelists are hand selected to ensure that only the very best, most recent and valuable content is presented to our members.

What Members Have Said

  • The Internet Sales 20 Group is different than any other conference I’ve been to. The energy is high, the enthusiasm is there, it’s an open forum.

    - Nancy Tonkin, e-Commerce Director, Tonkin Family of Dealerships -
  • The information was incredible. Tons of energy, pages and pages of notes. I gotta tell ya, in 25 years in the car business, I’m trying to rack my brain to find a better experience.

    - Tom Ring, Dealer Principal, Brown Daub Kia -
  • It’s going to put you on the path to success, it’s going to give you different processes to go back to your dealership to implement.

    - Neil Amaral, General Manager, Amaral Auto Sales and Service -
  • Internet Sales 20 Group is, I guess in my 28 years of experience, the number 1 event that I’ve been to.

    - Danny Benites, General Manager, Greg Lair Buick GMC -
  • My mind is reeling with really, really great stuff that’s going to impact my store.

    - Mike Correra, e-Commerce Director, Raceway Ford -
  • It was the best 3 days for my career, that I could ever have imagined.

    - Chad Fogleman, Sales Professional, Tustin Hyundai -


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IS20G isn’t just a 3 day workshop. Find out everything you’ll need to know before you come, find out what you can expect from the Internet Sales 20 Group, and seek out on additional resources at AutomotiveInternetSales.com – the largest and fastest growing online community for the automotive industry.